Verified Profiles

In response to user feedback, the 'Verified Profiles' feature has been added to Nearby in order to allow users to provide reassurance to other users that they are who they say they are. A verified profile means that the following pieces of profile data have been independently verified*:

  • Age (if specified)
  • Gender (if specified)
  • Primary Profile Photo (if photo of person)
  • Display Name (if real name)

Performing the steps necessary to verify your profile is entirely voluntary. Doing the verification does offer certain benefits, including:

  • 'Verified Profile' badge added to your profile.
  • 'Verified' icon displayed next to name in People List and Live Stream.
  • Not required to receive five messages before you can send photo messages.
  • Account cannot be banned due to user feedback (will still be investigated by WNM staff).
  • Age will automatically update on your birthday. (if specified)

You will need to provide the following pieces of information to become verified.  (all copies will be destroyed after verification)

  • Copy of a government issued photo ID OR two non-government issued photo IDs (only if under 18 years old)
  • A photo of yourself holding a sign which reads "Nearby Verification - {ID / LICENSE NUMBER FROM ABOVE}"

In addition to providing the information above, there is also a processing fee of $9.95 USD (or 100,000 WNM points).  This fee is required because we have partnered with a third-party identity verification service to offer this service.  This third-party service charges us this amount.

To begin the verification process, choose a payment option below.  Once payment has been completed, you will be shown instructions on where to send the required verification documentation.

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* We will verify that certain elements of a Verified user's profile are authentic to the best of our ability, however we do not make any assurance to the validity of our verification efforts and cannot be held liable for any errors made in good faith.