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About Nearby

Meeting new people is hard. We wanted to create something to help.

Nearby is one of the largest social discovery networks. You can login using one of our mobile apps or using the Nearby website. It is always free, anonymous, and lots of fun!

Nearby is not a dating website. We find the idea of a "dating website" as too forced. Chemistry happens naturally on Nearby all the time, but that is not the purpose of the site. Nearby is for helping people make friends. Need a tennis partner? Want to find a running buddy? In a foreign country and want to find a speaker of your native tongue? Then you have found the right website!


Brian P. Hamachek
Brian P. Hamachek
Founder, CEO
Robert Gerleman
Robert Gerleman
Co-Founder, VP Biz Dev

Microsoft BizSpark

Stanford StartX

Nearby helps you connect with new people in a number of different ways:

  • Public conversations
  • Public & private interest groups
  • 1 on 1 private instant messaging
  • Picture messages
  • Voice messages
  • Virtual gifts

You can download Nearby as a mobile app on the following smartphone platforms:

Have a different kind of phone? You can access the Mobile Web version of Nearby at www.wnmlive.com. You can also access the Nearby Facebook app.